The history of Brotherhood of the Red Lion

We will enter the most epic quest of the last two decades. Get ready to enter the world of Zeph and his quest for success and justice.

We write the year 2005, Zeph is on his quest for eternal gaming knowledge. A difficult choice but a necessary sacrifice. In his quest he meets another gamer named Gune. This mysterious person presents Zeph Eve Online. Zeph is shocked, understanding that what motivates Gune is the divine Gaming. Thanks to countless battles which Zeph won, the corporation Brotherhood of the Red Lion asked him to join their ranks. He accepted to better himself even more.

Thanks to that decision he found a new ally Molma. Molma is a proud combatant who fights side by side with Zeph in huge battles, who makes Molma Zeph’s greatest ally. He joins Zeph when he decided to venture into the realms of Final Fantasy XI. This venture represents something special for Zeph. MMORPG are for Zeph the pinnacle of video games and he understood the knowledge he seeks could be found in MMORPG’s.

In his thirst for conquest, glory and knowledge Zeph decided to create the Brotherhood of the Red Lion guild in Guild Wars, in which he became guild leader.This was in the year 2007. In this position Zeph had a revelation. He wrote the “Holy writings of Zeph”. A number of projects which would take time, patience and experience to realize. Zeph returned to his quest,so that he could fulfill his revelation.
The name BOTRL and Zeph, was represented in a huge variety of games and across the magic of time. He is known and recognized by his peers. A loyal, hardy and wise combatant. In 2018 BOTRL TV on Twitch, and a Youtube channel were born. 12 years of battles in many different worlds have brought Zeph to this point. He realized he was on the right path.

During his quest Zeph recruits members to enrich his own knowledge, wisdom and ideas so he would not fail in his quest. He shares his ambitions and ideas with these members and realizes, that he made the right choices. He creates a schedule for his Twitch channel, his Youtube is split into three channels for more visibility. Counseled by one of his new members, he creates an association and assembles so a bunch of friends with the same vision. His goal is to share his passion, knowledge and history in the quest for the divine Gaming. A first event was realized, the BOTRL Gaming Show. This is the start of an epic an glorious journey.

Thirteen years of hard work to finally arrive at one of his destinations, proud of his achievements Zeph continues his quest.