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Wednesday, 05 January 2022 21:54

Ha, those bloody scalpers

Those last years scalpers have been the enemies of the world of gaming. With bots programmed to buy before others and sell for a higher price. Immoral people with their knowledge and bad education to take advantage of a situation. Those that are smarter than others, quicker and in a certain way more courageous to make that what disgusts other but with which they make a great profit.

Warning it will burn:

Those scalpers, that have understood that impatient people are crazy enough (if not stupid) to pay enormous amounts for things that are not worth it.

Those scalpers, that have understood that people are ready to do anything to have what they desire now and at no other moment.

Those scalpers, that have understood that money and numbers do not matter only because some have decided that they had to get what they wanted. This literally at any cost.

Those scalpers, who finally are only taking advantage of people totally ill-considered and almost as immoral as they are to make money.

I stop burning a bit.

Lets be clear. What scalpers do is abysmal. Morally it’s horrifying. It would still be so easy to make their power vanish and discourage any wish to continue with that method… no one should buy from them. We are speaking about gaming material and consoles; we do not speak about scalpers doing it with anything that is needed to live and that make profit out of the misery of people. In the gaming world scalpers should have no power whatsoever. That because it should never be a something “needed” but only “wished for”.

If one comes speaking about needing if a PC ist not optimum or parts are defective is something else. There are still so many ways to adapt yourself to such a situation that one can still play even without the most optimum parts. The “needing” part should never have to exist.

In that way, scalpers have only power if we give some to them. It would be enough to think before doing and not buy for any price asked. Offer and demand ore motors that depend one from another. Be aware that offer only exist with enough demand. In that particular case, demand makes all the difference. Because enough people buy and are willing to pay that much, why not doing it? Even if immoral and hateful, the foolishness comes first from the one buying it. If no one pays that price, scalpers will have to adapt or even completely stop.

The market would be fairer and more stable for the most of us. Scalpers have had the “good” idea to make benefits of the thoughtlessness of certain people, personally I do not totally blame them. I first blame those who buy, even if nothing has ever pushed them to do so. There is no real need for it and therefore are those impatient people the first to blame.

Stop having inconsiderate wishes for things that don’t perish, if you don’t have it now, you will have it next time. It is as simple as that.

Now, good game to all.

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