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Wednesday, 04 August 2021 21:34

We will have fun

Hi all.

We have lots of ideas. We want to offer you superb moments and especially unique moments.

It is for the sake of entertainment that we are always looking to improve. Today we are going to tell you about an emerging and very promising collaboration.

What our ASBL wants is to promote video games, create events around video games and build a community around this rich universe.

In this endless quest for entertainment, we have come to celebrate that sanitary rules are less strict with a Mario Kart tournament. This will take place in September.

You can register and enter the competition. It is above all about having fun and being able to finally meet around a console and be able to rage, laugh, win and lose but together instead of having to stay at home.

We then met some great guys, the members of the Serpent Bite group! A great luxembourgish music group doing great music and prepares to make even greater music! Songs are available on Spotify and this collaboration between them and us will allow us to offer you a unique entertainment.

We can't say too much, we can't go too far but one thing is certain, our joint projects will really please you!

We are planning future events, we are already planning for next year and Serpent Bite is part of our plans. On our Facebook page as well as on theirs you can see that we met recently. We assure one thing, we did well to meet.

We hope to be able to integrate the group into our plans and to be able to create a lasting bond between them and us. Humanly we get along and they are just as passionate about video games as we are. On our side, we love music and their style is totally part of the genre we love. Thanks to our common passions, we quickly found common ground and had this urge to work together.

In the near future we will give you more details.


Stay tuned, it will bite!

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