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Wednesday, 10 November 2021 21:34

Zeph is back on the Arma des Dons

Hello everyone. Hope you are doing well, otherwise I hope this article will help you feel better. I am going to introduce you to what Arma des Dons is. The great idea of ​​Unbeulibabeule the streamer is to bring together gamers to do everything to raise funds for the league against cancer (France).

This streamer had this great idea and it's an understatement to say that it's a resounding success. So like all those who are generous or those who are part of charitable works will tell you: "Every sum counts". It must also be said that for a first edition and for streamers who are far from having the influence that some stars in the middle may have, Arma des Dons 2020 will have collected more than 25,000 euros!

It is only natural that all of these streamers were proud of themselves, their contribution and their respective communities.

With a Zeph totally dedicated to the cause, his relentlessness at work to give pleasure, Unbeulibabeule once again trusts him. Zeph has answered the call and will be there again. With 42 streamers, November 27 will be the charity stream with the same idea. Help the league against cancer to raise funds for any use in the fight against this disease.

It is with love, pride and joy that these streamers will embark on crazy streams to bring as many people as possible to have fun, have a good time and donate.

Last year already many people participated in the donations and the Arma des Dons community is counting on you again this year!

On November 27th this crazy stream will take place, with the possibility to donate live, to participate in a unique and very fun event.

As usual Zeph surrounds himself with great people and with Arma des Dons he proves once again that he makes good choices. Unbeulibabeule and his big heart gave life to an event that can make a difference.

But this will only be possible if all are present and give the maximum. Streamers first, viewers second.
See you soon, have a good game and be there!

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