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Wednesday, 05 January 2022 21:50

Holidays were great

We know. For the holidays everyone has great thoughts, wishes, love and good resolutions. Sadly, it eventually became a bad habit not to achieve our goals that good resolutions became an annoying topic. So annoying that those who had great wishes were discouraged by others that don’t bother as soon as they talk about their great wishes.

Why and from where that habit comes isn’t relevant. We are gamers and our internet site isn’t there to debate about it! Your “geekish.journalist” only wants to wish you, with our ASBL, an happy new year and encourage you with your great resolutions!

If it’s not at the beginning of a year that we may boost one another to achieve our goals then when? Yes, if you understand that otherwise … and so one, clearly. But a new year we can have a new start. We should encourage one another instead of morally downing everyone.

I have great resolutions for this year. Less being upset (grey hairs are sexy but I’m not ready for it), being less lazy, (especially mornings, who invented that concept anyway?) and mostly having as much fun as possible!

Therefore, I guaranty you that our articles will have the best quality possible and that we will try with our ASBL to organize reunions with our community so we may talk gaming, drink gaming, eat gaming and just play together!

It won’t be always easy with the sanitary obligations, it won’t be easy as our committee are fathers, husbands, we have jobs and have a lot to do. Be aware that all we do for the community is done with passion.

While writing new articles we will pay attention to advices, observations and tricks we received. We will never be thankful enough for your generosity and commitment. Now is time for gaming, (marketing) console war, PC Master Race and all other debate about gaming.

I have great expectations for this year, in particular to (finally) purchase a PS5, to test some games. Moreover, I’m impatient for Pokemon Legends, Arceus, Stranger of Paradise, A Final Fantasy Story that will be out soon. I’m impatient to have maximum pleasure with Guardians of the Galaxy, to finally play Final Fantasy VII Remake. Yes, as a huge fan I still didn’t play it and it begins to itch everywhere!

I have hope for some novelties, even for console accessories, who knows? And to get news about the next Final Fantasy (XVI), the next E3 and how we will live the event and other news that could be more surprising than others.

Tell us what you are awaiting for this year, whether it is for your live in general or for gaming! Comment on Facebook or on our site!

Until then, good game to all and a happy coming year!

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