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Wednesday, 15 July 2020 15:50

Interview with NoisySoap/BananeOnFire

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Nametag NoisySoap/BananeOnFire When did you start playing LOL? In the beginning of season five. In which teams have you already been playing? I have never played for any professional teams.

In which tournaments have you participated?

  • Challengermode
  • Benelux Open
  • Red Gaming tournament
  • Luxemburg Gaming Experience

Why is League of Legends your favourite game ?


What was the first game you have played, which you have been fascinated from? The game that inspired you to become a true gamer?

My gaming career starts with Pokemon, which I have played when I was only two years old. Since I have never stopped being a gaming freak.

Which platform do you prefer?

Definitely PC

Which aspects are important for you in a game?

  • Graphic
  • Atmosphere
  • Long term fun
  • Concept

What is your favourite genre?

My favourite genres are:

  • Action/Adventure
  • Strategy
  • Simulations
  • Role playing

How much time do you invest per day to your hobby?

That depends, but at least five hours a day, up to ten.

How many games do you play through over a year?

I play about five to ten games year through.

How many games do you have in your collection?

Not exactly sure, but my games collection is about four hundred different games, even more. I stopped counting.

Why did you choose gaming as hobby and not another one like music, sports, art etc.?

In my past I did gymnastics and soccer on a semi-professional level. Due to some healthy issues and a lack of time, I had to stop with those two hobbies. I choose gaming, because you do not have to put so much time in it and you can nearly play anywhere at any time.

Do you see yourself still playing videogames when you are in a retirement home?

Hard to tell, if the cruelties of live do not strike me down, maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Which ability of a video character would you like to have in real life?

Never really thought about it, but probably the ability of Gild Tesoro from One Piece, so I could become rich XD.

A fire outbreaks in your home, does your console and games count to the things you would save?

Of course, even if would loose some body parts.

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