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project oxygen pc ps5 xboxsx 586a41c6 w830

The new video game "Project Oxygen : Subnautica" which concept seems to be really promising,such as the polish developer studio Far From Home. A great part of the team has worked on famous games like, Dying Light, Divinity Original Sin or Chernobylite. The game should be available for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and PC.


Their project will be an exploration game, in FPS perspective and solo mode, on our planet Earth which has become uninhabitable because of the human kind. The player will have a zepplin which will serve as shelter and operating base, which can be customized and upgraded.


The story timeline is hundred of years from now and humanity has provoked an ecological disaster which results in an uninhabitable and toxic planet. Survivors have tried to find a solution by building high skyscrapers and a new society but thex failed! A small group of humans has been able to escape the apocalypse.


You will be a scientific who goes back on earth, to its ruins of the past civilization to understand the new and dangerous ecosystem that has developed on Earth.


With a great story, a concept like Death Stranding and a experimented team of developers, we will keep an eye on that game.

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Saturday, 09 January 2021 19:39

Back 4 Blood

During the Games Awards 2020, studio Turtle Rock and Warner Bros. officially revealed and presented the upcoming co-op zombie video game “Back 4 Blood” with a release date of June 22, 2021.

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Sunday, 31 January 2021 18:50


Available exclusively on the Playstation 5, the studio Housemarque known to be the developer of Resogun and Alienation has just presented the Returnal video game which has been postponed and announced for April 30, 2021

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Friday, 26 February 2021 23:28

State of play 25.02

State of play February 25, 2021

It's time for Sony's new presentation. To see what we will be offered this time.


First info is about Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s about time.

The game will be available on PS5 with the various additional options provided by the console and the DualSense controller. You will therefore be entitled to 4K and 60 FPS, the "adaptive triggers", so adaptation according to the pressure of certain buttons, improved audio and other bonuses.

For those who have not yet the game but the new console, this is a game that could be a real addition to your library. Another plus, the loading time is further reduced to be able to better enjoy the game and not have to wait. Transferring backups from one console to another is also possible and is available on March 12.


Second info concerns Returnal.

We will have the right to additional images. The protagonist of the game crashes with her ship and receives a "White Shadow" signal which is unknown. You have to explore a planet to find answers, everything is quite dull and dark. We realize that there was an ancient civilization. We see fantastic and alien beings there.

She wears a kind of Jet-Pack to better move, dodge and flee. She's got a kind of machine gun, she fights against monsters as different as they are frightening. If we die, it all starts again at the time of the crash. The world changes, even the map and enemies change as a result of the "new" crash.

Everything changes after his death, so you better be careful and be prepared to adapt to the new conditions that are due to the character being dead.

It seems that we also relive memories of her life in addition to being on another planet ?! On April 31 the game is released and we can enjoy it.


Third info concerns Knock-out City

The futuristic Dodge Ball game is also featured here (see Nintendo Direct). Game play is explained in more detail. We can shoot, feign a shot to be able to hit for sure. There are also different balls that you can use. How to move around the map is also shown and it looks very dynamic and you will have to get used to it and adapt quickly. The game is released at the end of May.


Fourth info concerns Sifu

We see a somewhat cel-shading and square graphics. We see Asian-type people fighting there constantly. You notice that the main character gets old during the story or every time he is knocked out? It’s not clear at first glance. We'll have more info later this year.


Fifth info about Solar Ash

We are entitled to a fairly magical graphics, very colorful and almost disco in the light. A smooth and fast platform game. There is a black hole that swallows everything, Ray the "void runner" that we embody will do anything to be able to save his world which seems very large. This is a movement game and you better have good reflexes and be prepared to die often. There will be more and more monsters and both timing and speed will be very important.

The game seems quite unique in its genre and the story can be fun as well, the music sounded very catchy too.


Sixth info concerns Five nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

A horror game, of course, we all know this franchise. The still terrifying animatronics, the music more than catchy and at the limit of giving anxieties. It’s brilliantly done. The levels presented seem very large for this kind of game especially. The voices that speak to you and especially threaten you mixed with the music manage to give you the jitters without even playing.


Seventh info concerns Oddworld Soulstorm

The game had already been presented and it had already been explained that the game looked very beautiful. We are confirmed here. We are introduced to game play a little more. The usefulness of having friends with you to be able to solve puzzles, you can choose to play as an anarchist or as a pacifist, you can take control of some enemies. You also need to have different items so that those following you can help you properly. You can play the way you prefer during the game. Depending on your actions, you may be more or less efficient.

It will be released on PS 4 and 5 on April 6.


Eighth info concerns Kena Bridge of spirit

We get more info and more visuals about the game. Little minion monsters, a girl who looks like a Disney princess and super relaxing music.

She wants to go on a quest and asks the sage's approval. He warns her and we then see the girl confronting enemies. We find ourselves between in-game images and small videos.

The graphics are very beautiful, the music catchy. The game seems to fill all the codes to be successful. The game will be released on August 24.


Ninth info about Deathloop (again)

The music we know is good, the game play we know, the story makes it pretty cool, the graphic style must be appealing. We review what we have already seen but with some different details. A really well done trailer, but if we have already seen the other presentations about the game, it will not bring you anything new.


Tenth info concerns FF7 Remake Intergrade

If I have to present this game, I have a question: Where have you been for the past 25 years?

So this is an overview of the version for the PS5. We see Cloud and Tifa, like Barrett and others. We also see Yuffi and his allies. We are entitled to in-game images as well as videos of all kinds. Always so beautiful, always so dynamic, always so iconic for those who like this genre.

You get a comparison from one console to another. The difference is not revolutionary, it is true that the light does make a certain difference. However there are times when I am not sure I prefer the PS5 version.

On the other hand, the music gives me chills. We are also shown how the loading time is reduced, the possibilities in photo mode and a new episode with Yuffi that will be available.

If you already have FF7 Remake on PS4, there is a major good news, the upgrade to the PS5 will be free and the backups will also be transferable from one console to another. However, the episode with Yuffi will need to be purchased after the upgrade has been completed.

This version will be available on June 10 across the world.


That’s it for the presentation, there was a lot of info but for Oddworld or especially Deathloop, it was still quite poor in additional info.

On the other hand, Solar Ash as well as Returnal and Five night at Freddy were quite striking. I'm not necessarily into horror games, but the atmosphere set up was really pleasant for the last game cited. Returnal demonstrates that it can be a major console game if what we've seen is true to the full game. To Solar Ash, it looks like a Sonic with a whole different graphics and vibe unlike the blue hedgehog, but in terms of game play it's pretty close. You have to be quick and it's a smooth platform game.

As for the rest, I'm not sure what to think. It’s to be seen in the coming weeks.

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