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Tuesday, 15 June 2021 18:40

E3 3rd day (14.06) Capcom, Razer and more

E3 Day 3 (14.06) Capcom, Razer and more

It all started that day with Verizon. A telephone network operator. A conference dedicated to explaining what 5G will change for Gaming. Nothing very interesting as it will only impact the US network for what this conference has to offer.

Intellivision AMICO

Then came the new idea for the Intellivision company. The new AMICO console. This is a console where everything resides in the controllers. Roughly, these controllers look like old iPods. A screen, a roulette wheel. A 64-way wheel, a touch screen. Here are the controllers with the integrated console. A base is with to put two levers. This base also charges the device and allows it to be connected to the television.

The idea is to make a console with totally different ways of playing than what we know today. The other idea is to allow everyone to play and have fun. The cool thing, full of retro games, especially arcades, will be available with a graphic overhaul to make it prettier in the eyes of new generations.

A console party that promises to be able to have fun all together. A nice feature, if you take your controller from a friend who also has an AMICO, you can put your controller in the base and once recognized, the catalog you have will then be available to play with this friend. An idea that allows you not to get frustrated or suffer the moment you say to yourself that you have forgotten the desired game.

Seeing the CEO speak, I see that behind the same base is stored in several copies with a particularity. Each of them is a different color. It may therefore be possible to have the console in several colors, the one presented was white with a blue line. See what the future holds.


It is not about presenting a game, a project on a game or console. This is an important topic. Inclusion, diversity. Inclusion, for everyone, really. It's not about talking more about one community or another. It ranges from skin color to physical or mental disability.

The various stakeholders will therefore discuss how to follow and are all directly or indirectly impacted. There are women, men, who represent the gaming community as a whole but who want to highlight the lack of diversity and inclusion.

As we have seen with Ubisoft, they give importance to this, especially with regard to certain physical disabilities.

Some things seem silly if you are not aware of the concern that really exists. Women and girls often (still) feel excluded and this is naturally not normal. So there is a holiday camp whose subject is gaming, whether it is playing, creating, etc. This idea is to bring together girls who feel lonely. And it works because they support each other and this camp allows girls to realize that they are not alone. The primary concern for people from certain minorities. We think we are alone when not.

There is also the concern for the representation of homosexual people and belonging to the LGBT + community.

All intervened to present ideas and projects put in place. But one thing kept coming back. One essential thing, school education and home education must also allow everyone to feel included and not to exclude others. Diversity and inclusion needs to be taken seriously at the school level at least in order for everyone to understand that we can find everything that brings us together before we see what divides us.

A great initiative that had its place at an event such as E3, hoping to see progress in this area as soon as possible.

Mythical: Blankos Block Party

A totally crazy game. Little guys looking like a clever mix of Funko Pop and dolls.

Quite a weird but nice moment. Totally in the art world, this is a party game. You can even create levels for racing or shooter mini-games.

The idea is also to be able to buy and sell Blankos. An entire market for this subject with an NFT system (unique crypto for each Blankos)

The game was released today in Early Access on PC! So we can immediately take advantage of it and see what it is about. A promise is made, it will never be about making all the money, just having fun and making a living market in the game.

Indie Showcase

A bit hard time for me, I admit. Few or very few indie games appeal to me at first glance, so I never take the "risk" of buying one. Some were more pleasant than others, but all in all I will say that I stay more or less on my basic opinion.

First game was good to see. Lifeslide which will be released on 08/06 on Steam. A colorful world, nicely done and a slightly cubic graphics which brings an extra touch. We're just a paper plane flying through this beautiful world.

Then we come to a pretty interesting game, Frontier Falling. Combat and conquest of space well created and pleasant to see, even if it was very short. Tactical warfare, ship upgrades, it seems well done and complete.

Then, Alliance of the sacred sun. It speaks to me. Looks like a Civilization from the future or from space. A mechanism very quickly recognized and which seems really nice.

Terra Invicta, I have to say, I found the video to be quite muddled. We understand that we have to manage the earth as well as the planets of the solar system and its moons.

A war game with war toys? Yes, Toy Soldiers, and the video was well done. A release scheduled for August this year.

Moo Lander, yes that's the name of this game. An alien crashes on a planet where cows and bulls seem to be the most feared animals. With your ship you must navigate through a very colorful 2D world. A game scheduled to be released in the spring of 2022.

Several games of lesser interest are then shown quickly.

Then came the conference called Freedom Games.

Probably the least interesting moment of all.

Although the start was nice with Dreamscaper. A game or when you sleep you are in a fantasy world in which you have to survive and solve puzzles. If you die, you actually wake up and have to manage your life during the day. At night, asleep, we continue in this world of dreams. See what more this game can promise.

Some games are then presented but were not really transcendent.

Venn’s Origin Stories with Hector Rodriguez.

Well a little report about US Esport. That's all. I didn’t follow any more than that because the interest was not sincerely there. There were no anecdotes that could impact our knowledge or our desire to understand certain things.


This is a moment that can promise great things. The conference begins directly with Resident Evil Village. The team wanted to let fans know how excited they were all with the excitement surrounding the game. We were quickly shown RE Verse, the Online PvP of the Resident Evil universe. And finally we were warned that a DLC was in production for RE Village.

Then came Monster Hunter. The huge success the franchise is enjoying had to have its little moment this E3. First with MH Stories 2 Wings of Ruin. A new trailer is presented. This is clearer with history and probable prophecy. A great story that we can experience on July 9.

Then on MH Rise, version 3.1 of new downloadable quests, paid games too. On June 24 we will be entitled to it.

The great Ace Attorney Chronicles, the latest addition to the franchise. This is a prequel set in Japan and London. You will then have to be part of the investigation and then prepare your defense in court. We were also treated to a visual on certain aspects of the gameplay.

Party, dance of deduction: in full investigation with the detective. We must then make the necessary deductions to know who did what.

Party, summation examination: before the court, analysis of the various jurors and do everything to have them on your side. It will be released on PS4, Switch, and Steam.

They then spoke about Esport by presenting the ProTour with lives scheduled for June 19 and 20, the Street Fighter League and 32 events in 19 countries during the ProTour.


Razer makes his presentation. They present their laptops for the last ten years. Finally they make a PC with AMD, which was expected from the fanbase.

They then presented the future machine. 14 inches the most powerful, innovative, practical that exists. 16.8mm thin. State-of-the-art sound system, THX-certified display, built-in high-quality CPU and GPU. Connections of all kinds from USB-C to Display Port.

Collaboration with Nvidia, an RTX 3060 or 70 or even 80. Perhaps the best, the battery will last up to 12 hours. Pricing starting at € 1,799 and available today.

Lastly, they presented a charger with two USB C connectors and two USB A. A small 130 Watt charger.

They release a computer monitor with 95% DCI-P3 Color, THX certified, 27 inches, with a stand that allows the screen to move 90 ° and integrated cable management. All this at a price of 799 €.

A mask (CoVid obliges) with the latest filters, 3 times more durable, more ecological and recyclable. The mask will have LEDs to be able to customize his mask. Silicone parts to make the mask completely airtight. This is the Hazel project. In manufacture and will only be sold by drop and on their site.

So much for this crazy day between blah and brilliant.

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