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Wednesday, 06 July 2022 22:31

Final Fantasy XVI

More and more information is coming out via small presentation videos coming directly from Square Enix. Summer 2023 the game will be released. Very good news and here is the information we have so far!

First let's review the universe. We have six kingdoms. These six realms are part of a world blessed by crystals. However, all is not perfect. The different kingdoms also find themselves in conflict.

ff16 01

Valisthea is the name of this world in which we will be immersed. The spread of the Blight threatens the fragile peace of this world. Each of the six kingdoms has in its possession a mother crystal. These crystals produce the beneficent ether.

Each kingdom has a dominant, the one who can shelter the entities called the eikons. Some nations see their dominant as a chosen one, others as a devastating weapon. In any case, the dominants cannot deny this status no matter what.

The different kingdoms are:

Archduchy of Rosalia, ruled by the Phoenix dominant, eikon of Fire.

Holy Empire of Bloodbrec, the dominant leads the army, with no further details on who, what, or how.

Kingdom of Valoed, their ruler would also be the dominant. We don't know any more. However Benedikta Harman, commander of the spy corps is also an dominant of Garuda, mistress of wind and storms.

Republic of Dalmequia, the dominant of Titan resides there and has the right to a seat on the council of Dalmequia. This is Hugo Kupka

Iron Kingdom, there would be no dominant because it is seen as a threat. The newborn who could be a dominant on their territory is executed.

Crystal Dominion, being strategically interesting, it is coveted by other kingdoms. They have no dominant and house the largest crystal in Valisthea.

We can therefore understand that the known (and unknown) dominant will be very important. This vast world is in danger of quickly sinking into total chaos and you will have to be able to survive in this ruthless world. According to the explanations of the characters known for the moment it seems that we play the prince of the archduchy of Rosalia, Clive Rosfield.

ff16 02

Expected to become the new dominant, it seems that fate is ultimately for his younger brother Joshua. He then becomes Rosalie's Guardian and swears to protect his brother. Clive will want revenge on Ifrit, a dark eikon who is at the origin of an unforgivable tragedy.

So it seems that everything revolves around the Rosfields. It will be interesting to see how free our movements will be and if any known details from the franchise will come to light. We speak Mog and Chocobos. So the mounts are visible in the videos, but will they be controllable? Will we finally be able to have the right again to have the different old-fashioned colors with the specific characteristics of the colors?

ff16 04

In the meantime, a good game to all.

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