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Wednesday, 16 June 2021 19:05

E3 4th day (15.06) last day, Nintendo and more

E3 Day 4 and last day (15.06) Nintendo and more

We had to be able to expect heavy. For me it was not a great E3 from Nintendo. Honestly, I only attended the main lecture. The Treehouse they make is all about gameplay and it's hard to write anything on the subject without the pictures to back it up. So it wouldn't do anything for our loyal readers.

So let's get down to business and talk about what the Japanese firm had to offer during their conference.

Small intro and we realize that the Switch is already 5 years old. Then we quickly start the festivities.

I didn't know what to think. The lifeless Ganondorf is seen being carried, then thrown off a cliff. Pretty macabre for the firm and for the franchise it is about. It was a little intro dark enough to introduce Kazuia Mishima. Yes the iconic character of Tekken joins the cast of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I find it pretty cool and it's a real collaboration with the Tekken franchise. So we'll probably get more characters (hopefully they don't add too many either). We get a bit of humor with the same cinematic, but instead of Ganondorf we have Kirby, who naturally doesn't fall because the bugger flies so well.

We move on to a new announcement and this time it's about informing us that Life is strange and Life is strange True colors will also be available on the console on the same dates as planned for the other consoles. Except for the Remaster of the first one that will come during the year.

Super Monkey Ball must be played by everyone at least once. This game is super nice, funny, accessible to all and even annoying at times. Well the franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary, SMB Banana Mania will see the light of day on October 5th. A collection of games from the franchise with a graphic overhaul to make everything more aesthetic.

In the same vein, Mario Party will have the right to its All Star. The 100 best mini-games of the franchise condensed into a single game. All this for October 29 of this year. In short, a good idea for the successful franchise.

Finally something new for Metroid, yes Metroid Dread will be released on October 8th this year. Good news and a graphic idea that I don't find bad. We stay in the classic 2D that we know from the franchise but with the beauty, fluidity and possible mechanics that we can have with today's technologies. A real plus and a real nostalgic reminder. This game can really be the end of the year hit if it is as good as the cutscene suggests.

Just Dance 2022 will naturally see the light of day on the Big N console, it seems logical. We will be able to move on our Switch with this franchise which also exists and has lasted for a very long time.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot with the Freezer, Cell, Majin Boo saga arrives on September 24 this year. A game that has received a good global reception will finally be able to be played on the Nintendo console.

Then a little more info on the future game of Mario Golf. The so-called Super Rush, arrives June 25, so soon and pre-orders are possible. We were able to see the different ways of playing. This with the standard mode, speed (race without paying attention to who shoots to finish first), battle (in an arena in gladiator golf mode), Adventure too. Future updates are golden and already planned and some will even be free.

We had the right to Monster Hunter Stories 2, which we have already seen so we will not come back to the subject.

Wario is back with the next WarioWare. Always so crazy and funny. This game can be enjoyed by everyone on September 10th. We got to see some mini-games and frankly it was fun. I invite everyone to go and get a feel for the game.

Then came a probable future console hit. Shin Megami Tensei V. A girl in Tokyo, with a totally banal life ends up in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo. Demons and angels wage war there and we find ourselves in the middle of it all. The fights are very well animated but are turn based. The goal is to evolve and make your way in this devastated Tokyo, but not alone. Indeed we can recruit demons. These will accompany you and will be faithful to you. You will be able to evolve them, merge them to create new powerful demons and thus have a team in your image. It looks really well done and might surprise more than one.

We then come to Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. An adventure and horror game. Equipped with a camera one must try to survive the onslaught of the ghosts and relive the story time and time again from the different points of view of each of the protagonists.

We are then told about Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, we have already seen it during the Ubisoft conference so nothing new on that side.

Adventure Wars, the tactical war game will have the right to its return. The 1 and 2 will be available on the console on December 3. Pre-orders are available today.

Hyrule Warriors is releasing an Expansion Pack and will be available in waves, premiering June 18.

Then we have a little update on the Zelda Skyward Sword remake. We had the right to see the way we can play. We can play either in a classic way or with the movement options. Joycons in hand we can then play while moving, an option that seems logical and fun to me, therefore a good omen for everyone.

A new small Game and Watch Special Zelda console will be released. With the games, Zelda, Zelda 2, Links Awakening and the traditional Game and Watch but in which we play Link and not the base character.

A new video opens and this is a new trailer for Zelda Breath of the Wild, the sequel. It's not called 2 but they just noted that this is the sequel to BotW. It features bizarre villains, Zelda falling, and Hyrule Castle begin to levitate due to a mysterious and ominous force.

The Treehouse begins shortly after, as I noted, this one was not followed.

Bandai Namco will then take over the hostilities. Nothing very impacting to see sincerely. At least not for me. They talked about House of Ashes, a horror shooter game. We are entitled to the fantastic and the paranormal. There will be a lot of deaths to live during the game and everything has been written to be able to scare the player. The game comes out at a perfect time given its style because we will have the right to get it from October 22.

After that there wasn't anything really interesting.

In conclusion I find that the more the hours and days passed, the less interesting it was. Square Enix has brought about a rebound with some nice surprises but I sincerely remain unsatisfied. I expected better and it must be said that this year, Ubisoft, Xbox and Bethesda will have been above the rest compared to the rest without having been great.

An E3 which gave pleasure with some nice news but frankly nothing very transcendent.

I wish you happy reading and see you next time!

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Friday, 24 September 2021 12:46

Nintendo Direct 23.09

Hi, you know I'm a fan of Nintendo "I" - Richard. I write most of these beautiful articles that I am so proud of. Thanks to BOTRL and its community I can have fun with writing.

I am always so happy to see that a lot of people are reading our articles and am equally happy with the good and bad reviews!
Now let's talk about the Nintendo event. On Twitch we could see what the Japanese firm was going to bring us. Bottom Line: October is Nintendo's new Christmas month.
We already knew that Mario Party was coming out in October, the same for Metroid Dread. But there is more. We have already had some great videos and / or demonstrations of the games mentioned, in addition to some great news. I think everyone expected Nintendo 64 games to come. Well this time it's real! And yes friends. The Switch subscription is evolving and will allow you to enjoy the games of this legendary console.
That's not all ! As if more were needed, Sega will be invited to the party and at the same time to be able to enjoy the N64 games we will be entitled to the Sega games! The classic Sega Genesis games will also be present! In addition to all this, Sega and N64 controllers will be on sale for subscription holders!
Very small downside, to take advantage of it you will have to add this as an option to the subscription, which means - pay more. We don't have any details on the price but it's for October, so we'll have all the details in the days or weeks to come. The list of games will also be given later.
Then other great presentations were made.
The film Mario has its cast! A release date for the US too! In December 2022 the film will be released. Warning ! Crazy casting with Chris Pratt (Gardians of the Galaxy) as Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen’s Gambit, Peaky Blinders) as Peach, Charlie Day (Pacific Rim, Horrible bosses) as Luigi, Jack Black (do we really have to tell you the roles he had?) as Bowser and others. A superb casting for a film that could turn out to be very good!
Speaking of gaming franchises, let's talk about Bayonetta. And yes the long awaited 3rd part will arrive! 2022 will be a great year. The video featuring him was energetic and promising. Fans should be won over by this news and presentation!
KIRBY INCOMING!!! And yes, Kirby in full 3D with the new opus Kirby and the forgotten land for spring 2022. Very beautiful and colorful. The game promises to live up to the character's reputation!
Castlevania enjoys a superb reputation, a taste of exquisite nostalgia and a nice revival with its Netflix series. Of course, we are then entitled to a collection of games already available Castlevania Advance Collection is available on the Store!
Splatoon is the perfect mix between shooter and fun. Colorful, funny weapons, real tactics and fierce competition. The 3rd opus has been presented, the least we can say is that the game is up to the task! I see the many games coming up on in. It's also scheduled for next year.
Chocobo GP is probably the surprise of the year. It feels like a real Mario Kart but super cute with Chocobos etc. Another game that will keep your mouth watering until next year. It is an understatement to say that we are impatient!
In short: Knights of the old Republic is coming to Switch, Animal Crossing will have its own live, final DLC for SSM, Expansion pack for Monster Hunter Rise, Dying Light 2 Platinum in Cloud Version for the Switch.
Hope you enjoyed it! See you soon and have a good game!
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Wednesday, 19 May 2021 17:25

Franchises I love : Mario

Franchises I love


I’m going to talk about one of the most iconic franchises. I don't know a person who hasn't played one of these games at least once. While I say that, maybe there is my father. On the other hand he was playing Balloons on NES, which is super cool too.

Mario is everywhere in my life. I have a Nintendo Switch Mario Odyssey Edition. I have pretty much every game in the franchise. I have a painting on a metal plate, cushions, controllers, chargers etc. So really Mario is very important to me. Smaller, my favourite character in the franchise was Yoshi. This awesome little dinosaur made me love it. I even remember the game on Game Boy Advance. The cartridge was bigger because it had a gyroscopic device for a rather innovative game play.

Subsequently, there was Super Smash Bros Melee on Game Cube. So yes it’s not a game in the franchise, but with this game I started to be crazy about Luigi. It was also a time when I took more time to play and we were several friends with my brother to play like crazy at this game. So for the Mario franchise I chose this character more and more.

And yes, I'm the little brother, so Luigi was a forced choice when we played together. But the PLAYER 2 that I am fully assumes it. This character is awesome and set apart in Super Mario Bros 2. Excuse me, but these jumps still give me nightmares. Plus if you think about it, Yoshi has that jump right now. A pedal movement with the feet and a glider effect. Remember that the Super Mario Bros 2 game was released in Japan in 1988. So if you are thinking but this style of jumping is super cool! Remember we are talking about game play that is over 30 years old! So no this jump was not the big thing.

Growing up with these consoles was handy, obviously I was able to play all of the Mario games. Almost at least. However, it was mostly with the Nintendo 64 that I got the most out of the franchise. The Mario Party were fabulous, what great memories! These games are magic! Mario Tennis also remains a great series of games. However, I must admit that the version released on the Switch did not please me at all. It’s really not what I expected. There are some cool points but overall I just didn't like this game.

Of course there is also the oh so exhilarating but the oh so frustrating Mario Kart. These games were so great. So much fun experienced with these games. I think I've rarely even laughed so much on a game as this one. His rival being Mario Party, that’s obvious. Still a pretty good player, no rage for this kind of game.

I'm not sure if many people will agree, but the best memories possible with a Mario Kart game are undoubtedly Mario Kart Double Dash. What an innovation to be able to play two on a car, on a screen without it being shared !!! It was totally awesome !!!! To be able to collect two weapons by switching drivers between player 1 and 2. That was awesome. I remember summers playing together. The whole family. In addition to being able to play at 4 with a split screen only in two !!!! Yes I might be getting a little too excited and I realize that I am starting to get old ...

In short, this franchise has always been able to innovate and do new, unexpected things. I take the example of Mario Maker, although it was released on Wii U dung, which I knew I liked. This game was a nugget. Mario Maker allows us to be able to create levels ourselves, to share them on the internet. And when we see the levels created by the players and especially the levels completed by the players we can say that the players are sadistic, gifted and full of resources.

The ever more innovative Nintendo consoles also allow all the games of the Mario franchise to know how to renew themselves. The Nintendo Switch made it possible to give even more great possibilities to the games of this franchise. Mario Odyssey has been able to bring great novelties with the cap to give further impetus to the main game range. Super Smash Bros Ultimate and the huge (even too many) number of playable characters, battle surfaces have given the game a great buzz. Then there are the different game modes which are still quite new, fresh and really add something to this game. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is quite simply a totally crazy planetary success. For example, it is the best-selling racing game in history in the United States, and has been in the top 5 for video game sales in France for almost two years in a row. The latest Mario Party has yet to be tested (by me) but it shows great promise.

I see nothing that can stop this franchise from bringing fun to people of all ages. I can't wait to be able to keep playing some of these games, to be able to tell you about them, to be able to test new things.

In the meantime, play well, play together, be happy. And long live Mario!

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