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Monday, 19 July 2021 20:09

Pokemon Wonder

You read each other correctly. The Pokémon park. So what is it?

No this is not a new amusement park. This is a park, a real park. You can go for a walk with friends, lovers or family. The idea for this park comes from the very idea of ​​creating this franchise. Love for finding and "collecting" animals and more specifically insects.

Suddenly Pokémon was born, then this park took shape. So we can walk in this large natural park and look for little monsters hidden everywhere. It will of course be impossible to "catch" them or more simply to steal them. They will all be well secured so that they cannot be picked up by malicious people.

This 4,500 m2 park opened two days ago and offers magnificent walks in a dream setting. All without going into extravagance or technology. A natural park with lots of little companions to find. A moment that everyone will be able to appreciate because nothing necessarily recalls the Pokémon universe as we can know it. There are no attractions or staff that will disturb you.

It really is a walking park with the fun side of being able to find little monsters all over the place. A family moment to be able to share and even "play" Pokémon Go without augmented reality because you will simply be in reality.

Obviously, these are not articulated robots that move to make them more alive, because it is above all about enjoying the calm of nature and looking for Pokémon that will be hidden in the flora and fauna.

There is only one concern in all of this. The park is (probably) short-lived, as it will close in April 2022. This doesn't necessarily leave Pokémon lovers outside of Japan much time to enjoy this place. However, there is hope as it has not been communicated that this is a final shutdown.

Hopefully we'll have a reopening with a few more Pokémon and franchise nods while remaining respectful of the place and nature.

In the meantime, long live the games and long live Pokémon!

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