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Wednesday, 05 January 2022 21:23

The long journey of the Transformer Games - The End

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I hope you enjoyed the series as much as we did and here you have the last of the series, with games of an other genre.

After the Triple A and handheld games, there were also various Transformers games. Some of them were strange, other interesting. There were also pay to win games where I am aiming for mobile games in particular.

In 1992, Tiger released a handheld game entitled Transformers G2, where you had to fight all kinds of Decepticons, while controlling Optimus Prime. The game doesn’t have an endless loop, but is divided into different levels. At the beginning there are also very strange things. For example, you have to fight some levels only against the foot of Devastor.

In 2007 Hasbro and Tiger introduced the Netjet Controller that allows you to directly connect to the internet to play. With the controller, some Transformers games were released, one for the first Transformers Live Action Film and one of the Transformers Universe especially G1 Character theme. Back then, this was my main Game and it was again a fighting game.

The idea was imagined very well, but as before the Beast Wars Transmetal game on the PS and N64 the game was extremely slow and didn't have much fighting opportunities. The only good thing about this game was the Intro of the game.

I think about 2008, another Game & Watch Clone handheld was released based on Transformers Animated. Several games could be played on this LCD handheld. Unfortunately I can't say much about it since I never owned a handheld myself.

But also, two PC Exclusive games were released. The first one from the developer Studio Jagex, known for Runescape, among others. The game was titled Transformers Universe and was set in the Transformers Prime universe. The game had a lot of potential, unfortunately the game was never finished and only remained playable in a closed beta version.

The second game is an Overwatch Clone only with Transformers. The game was developed by a Chinese company named Tescent. The game is a real eye-catcher and was one of the first MMO games to be developed with the Unreal 4 graphics engine. Unfortunately, you had to live in China to be able to play the game.

The first mobile game wa released even before the smartphone era and was titled Transformers G1 Awakening, developed by Glu. And what was cool was, that the game had no microtransaction option you bought the game once and you start playing.

The game was a turn-based strategy game and even had very nice 3D battle animations for its time. The game was later also reissued for iOS and Android.

Unfortunately, after the Transformers G1 Awakening came out, Pay to Win mobile games sprout like mushrooms... One of the first games in this concept was Transformers Legends. It was kind of a Trading Card Game where randomly lots of artwork for the Official Wizard of the Coast Trading Card Game have been recycled.

But let's get back to mobile games ... next came out a kind of turn-based mini-RPG combat system sutch as in the earlier Final Fantasy Games. What ruined the game, however, was their exclusive events where you can get for example Menasor or Cominer to complete. But after the event was finished, you could no longer get them.

Then a kind of crossover game came out: Angry Birds Transformers, which was really fun until the first updates arrived. After these updates, all of your characters in your possession were weakened. You had to invest then real money to get them again up to date.

Hasbro has also released a game that was placed in the Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015 Universe. The game was fun to play, because either you could unlock the figures, or after buying them as Toys, get them in the game after scanning their code with an App. Of course, you also had to be a fan of this series.

Next, another game got released, that has a very big connection to Microchange. Well not really an RTS game because you have Autobots or Decepticons which are not aiming at the buildings or opponents where they can do the most damage like you used to do in PC RTS games. The game bears the name Transformers Earth Wars.

In addition, all Transformers are involved in the game with a Star system. 1 star are the weak characters and 4-stars character the strongest but to get this one you either must deal with real money or have a lot of luck. Because sometimes when you try to get a 4-star, you only will get a 3-star character.

Not much different is the Pay to Win System from Transformers Forged to Fight, it had real potential if the microtransaction crap wouldn’t be there and if the game was raised to a triple A game with more Combat options like Street Fighter. Also, this beat em up game is unfortunately extremely casual and has like Transformers Earth Wars also a Characters star system.

Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive, on the other hand is a bird's eye view mobile game. You can compare it a little bit with that Arcade classic 1942. I personally didn't play this game myself, since I’m not interested in such games. I only saw a Trailer of the game.

Then a game came out called Transformers Heavy Metal. The game concept is not new, it’s a kind of Pokémon Go where you can scan Transformers on different places of the Earth, and then call them your own. To leveling up your Transformers, you had to to let them do fights with other Transformers. Unfortunately, the game was not released in our App Stores. It’s possible though, that you can already get it for Android, since I have a friend from the Netherland who already downloaded it to his phone.

The newest mobile game is Transformers Tactical Arena. It’s a PVP Tower defense game nothing real new. As I said, the game is very tactical built up because every bot you set up the field costs energon. You start with 10 energon cubes and you must divide them up very well. Unfortunately, a big minus is that you only can play the game with an active subscription from Apple Arcade...

Here are some of the most famous Collaboration games from the last few years / months where you can also use Transformers Skins in Free to Play. One of those games is World of Warships. Since this collaboration managed to go over two seasons, means apparently there is big fan base of Transformers in World of Warships. In the first season, you could play with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron and, strangely also with Rumble.

2nd Season playable characters were Grimlock, Hot Rod, Starscream and Soundwave.

Here you see the latest, and also the last Skins from this collaboration. Who knows if there is going to be another season for this game.

Then on November 16, the next Transformers collaboration came out and had the name Transformers X Smite by using skins from Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream which were available in the upcoming Battle Pass.

You could get modern skins for this Transformers characters, but also G1 Cell Shading skins. These skins were named Prestige Track, and you could unlock them also in the Battle Pass.

Here was the last of the series. Hope you enjoyed it until now!

Have a good game!

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