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Monday, 19 April 2021 22:35

Interview of committee members: Jo's Interview

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Interview of committee members

You will find here a small interview proposed to the members of the committee in order to get to know them better.

Why be part of this non-profit organization?

  • I joined because I think, the idea of creating a community for gamers is awesome and gaming organisations like ours should be boosted in Luxembourg


What is your role in the non-profit organization?

  • I am responsible for our social media. I publish the daily Posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


If you could choose, would you have another role within the non-profit organization?

  • I don’t know, but I like the work I am doing right now!


Which message to send, by this non-profit organization, is the most important for you?

  • For me the most important message to send is that we are all enjoying games and that we want to create a family like community where everybody helps each other.


What do you hope for the future of the non-profit organization?

  • I hope that our organisation keeps on growing. I wish that it becomes a great success and that we are known in Luxembourg.


More personally now,


When did you fall into video games?

  • It started when I was like 6. My brother had a GameCube and I was always watching and I think that’s when I started to enjoy games.


What do you find most enjoyable in video games?

  • I’m a big Dark Souls Fan, which means I like challenging games. I enjoy playing challenging games as much as I rage at them. 


Risky question: Retro or New?

  • Maybe that’s because I am much younger than the other Members, but I am definitely on the “News” Side of gaming. I am always surprised by what the creators are able to do, doesn’t matter if it’s an awesome story or new graphics.  New games were always the path of progress.


What is your favourite franchise / game?

  • My favourite franchise is definitely the Dark Souls Trilogy for now. Before Dark Souls I was always hyped for playing The Legend of Zelda and I still am.


If a retro game were to have the right to a Remaster, which game would you choose? (choose a game that has not had a Remaster) 

  • I would definitely choose Majin and the forsaken Kingdom. I played that game when I was like 8 or 9. I played it on PS3. I loved the game and I would definitely buy it when it would get remastered.


What is your favorite console (excluding PC)?

  • No comment. xD I do like the Nintendo Switch a lot, but nothing would surpass gaming on a PC. (A better developed VR-Experience might change that., for example Full Body suits.)


You have the opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of a video game producer, present your game to us. Title, graphic style, game style (RPG, FPS, etc.), short summary: 

  • The title would be something like “Do or Die!” The graphic style would be like Dark Souls 3, dark, lots of effects,etc.  It would definitely be a Soul’s like game. It would play in our modern Society where the Nuclear Holocaust cause various mutation on animals, who are attacking the Human race. As the protagonist of the story you could choose your starting layout and class, like in the other souls games. You would have to fight those Mutants with guns, swords, etc. The objective is to gather all resources needed to create an antidote that cleanses the World from those mutations. You’ll have to face challenging Boss FIghts in order to get your ressources. 
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