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Saturday, 03 July 2021 10:29

Welcome Stéphane!

First of all, before saying welcome to our new member of the committee, I would like to thank Manu.

He was our secretary, but above all he was one of those who made this project possible. He did everything he could so that Zeph our president could create this magnificent non-profit organization and bring together a beautiful community. All this until making our association a very important player in the Luxembourg Esport scene and helping us to have great projects. It goes without saying that our future projects will also be possible thanks to him. Please know that we are planning a lot of good things in the medium term.

So a big thank you to Manu, to an exemplary member, secretary and friend.


Now, welcome Stéphane!

Nobody puts pressure on you because of who you have to replace, we are sure that you will know how to honor him and help us in all these beautiful projects.

To introduce him, know that he has been a friend and member of our association from the start. He even had a booth during our first event which took place a month before the health crisis.

His booth planned to showcase card games. You surely know Magic the gathering, Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh!

Well, he specializes in one of the most recent games. In particular, the DBZ card game. He is the proud owner of a huge collection of cards and knows the game inside out.

He was able to help our guests to understand the game and quickly appreciate it.

His talents will be appreciable for our non-profit organization and his seriousness will make him an excellent secretary and a member who will know how to make us evolve continuously.


All committee members are happy to see him join our team. For the record, it was voted unanimously by the committee!


Stéphane welcome home!

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