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Thursday, 17 March 2022 23:18

State of Play - Hogwarts Legacy Special

Let's go for the live and there are things to say. At first glance the graphics will live up to expectations. The movements of the characters seem very natural.

As for the player, he embodies a new student, but who is old enough to be in 5th grade. There's an old magic resurfacing. You have to find out why through quests and with the help of allies, many mysteries will have to be solved. Modelling is possible for your avatar and you will necessarily have to be affiliated with one of the Hogwarts houses.

We will be active in participating in the various courses. The voices (VO) are superb, the graphics to the point. Namely that the presentation is made with in-game footage and sequences of the scenario.

hogwarts 03

So we learn botany, potions etc. This seems to matter if only for the fights. Certainly we will have the opportunity to advance further thanks to the courses and I hope that side quests will also be present to encourage us to improve in all aspects. There are secret passages, dungeons and so many things to do and there you only see what happens at Hogwarts.

We have been warned, we will not be confined to the school and the surroundings will not be just a few squares of lawn. We will be entitled to open world and in this case it will also take a large enough world to make it worthwhile. It promises !

hogwarts 01

We see a very evil goblin and his minions. He is in contact with a somewhat eccentric wizard who seems to be after us. He’s getting nervous because the goblin is not capable to fulfil his mission sooner. The plot is also done through this being who wants harm in the wizarding world.

hogwarts 08

The fights feel a bit choreographed/static but the execution seems to work. You still have to be in the right rhythm during the fights. That's what stands out for me. It will therefore be necessary to pay attention to it in the future. Botany and potions will be useful and therefore usable to facilitate combat, such as the use of the mandrake. Many spells will also be available and we can have a fighting style that suits us.

The time for Talents and Skills comes, so we can improve and be entitled to upgrades to be better and cast better spells. Grind is to be expected too. You can create your own potions, herbology may be important depending on how you play. Useful even in combat as we said. It will therefore surely be necessary to plan hours of collection to be able to create and move forward. The more we advance, the more we will be entitled to upgrades and therefore refine our game system. Knowing the bestiary will also have advantages.

hogwarts 05

Broom flying is also possible. Presented only for a short time, it is however clearly noted that it will be important to know how to fly with your broom! Friendships can be created and allies can accompany you on your journeys. Each with its characteristics. Naturally each coming from different houses.

hogwarts 06

Room of requirement will also be available. You can use the room to expand your inventory with potion labs and other activities. I think that's a really well thought out plus. Indeed, this can act as a base and an anchor point for the player. In view of the style of the game it is just perfect to use the Room of Requirement in this way because it is in addition to everything logical even in the history of the game.

hogwarts 07

The Hogsmeade village next door is also accessible and purchases will be possible. A lot of activity will take place around Hogwarts, so we can imagine that the nature around will be explorable. In the well-known village you can buy many things, if only to have a nice wardrobe. It's always nice, we know that style is important, even for gamers.

The bestiary looks quite large and some mysterious black magic can corrupt some of it. There are all the animals we know and even the bestiary recalls certain moments from films.

Many things are to be discovered, spells, beasts, nature, mysteries, dangers. The game will be released for the holidays this very year! And here I say great! The game actually seems close to being ready and although I can't wait for summer to enjoy the beach, I must say that I'm already starting to want to be around Christmas for this game!

Behind the scenes

The team behind the game presents its impressions and the message is clear. The work is done by fans for fans.

They want to transcribe the love for the franchise whether it's for those who have read the books or watched the movies and still both. It is clear that it will be Open world. So the surroundings of Hogwarts will be quite large.

We will have many stories told, we start as a 5th year student but who was not at Hogwarts before. So we are special. The different means of getting around will also be varied.

hogwarts 04

Mysterious magic is tied to our character and it will make us all the more special. Everything is set up to allow us to recognize places etc. that are important to the franchise.

Even the places only mentioned in the books will be in this Hogwarts, they have done everything to connect the places known from the movies with the lesser known places from the books.

By the way the music is really cool. I wanted to say it.

For my impressions.

So, I must say that the video was really good! I'm not very sensitive to great graphics that slam, I'm happy with little. However, I must say that it is at the level of the vast majority of expectations. The game is beautiful, the graphic style chosen fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the game's history but also of the vast franchise that is that of Harry Potter.

Hogwarts Legacy should be a game for everyone. Even those who do not know (LOL) or who do not necessarily appreciate this universe more than that (come on LOL) should find their account there. The game allows you to fight, grind, solve mysteries, cross dungeons and live an original story. Everything is there for it to be a total success!

In the meantime, good game to all!

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