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Tuesday, 14 December 2021 22:21

Galactic style for controllers and covers

Sony and Playstation seem to like space. The galaxy and the colors inspired by it. This is saying something if we look at the recent news.

And yes Playstation has finally understood or taken the time to make different shells for its latest console. So it was a false debate.

It was clear that it was only a matter of time before this happened, but we can still be happy that it is finally done and the choice of "theme" and especially color is quite good. For my part I actually find that it is well done. We will also start with the hulls, because that is what was probably the most anticipated. For the controllers, we knew that was happening just like for every console that comes out. So let's start with the (a little) less obvious:

coques ps5 3

For my part, I will see a blue hull, while keeping a white hull. To the great despair for my wife, but who can boast of being able to have a PS5 in the colors of her favorite club with official parts of the brand. As a fan of Olympique de Marseille, this blue with the basic white, it will make a perfect effect to remind my club of heart. Enough about me and my follies, I would first have to have the console before thinking of growing my wife's white hair.

The purple chosen for the hull is also very interesting to me. It is a color that we are not used to but which has its effect. It can very well fit into the decor of an already well-established gamer as for a gamer who is still looking for himself. Undoubtedly the color that could have the most success with black. I think black is an absolute must, a timeless one that will surely often be the first choice.

Why not a little madness? Red and pink, these colors would be a little more unexpected choices but in view of the result, quite logical choices! Bravo to the designers who have decided to go for a very special theme but which should delight everyone.

coques ps5

It is certain that the one who does not yet know what color he wants, it is not here that we will guide him. My indecision about the colors is total. Of course if a mix of colors can remind you of a game, sports team or whatever, then why not make that choice? Otherwise you really have to pay attention to what catches your eye the most. For my part, purple attracts me a lot. Being quite atypical, your console can really stand out from your decor. On the other hand, let it be clear, if you want discretion ... you will have to come back later. Apart from the black shell, nothing will be able to match your desire.


Now let's move on to the controllers.

We have the white, basic. Black and red have made their appearance quite recently and now galaxy fashion completes the choices with three other colors.

manettes ps5 2

Once again it's the purple for me that stands out. They are really beautiful. Its color attracts the eye without attacking it, while this cannot necessarily be said of other colors. Of course, I will present the controllers to you individually here so that you can have a better view of each of the controllers. I like the fact that they kept a part in black. I still think they could have been limited to the L1, L2, R1 and R2 buttons as well as the joysticks. The shell itself could have been one color and that could also have had a nice effect. Or have the PS button the same color as the controller to make the color stand out a little more. It is of course a detail and nothing says that my reflections are more correct than the choices made by Playstation.

So that you can get an idea for yourself, here are the controllers individually:

 manettes ps5 bleu


manettes ps5 mauve


manettes ps5 rose


I hope you will like these photos and help you in a possible choice. Otherwise, well I can't help you anymore I'm sorry.

What I like most about all the controllers is the transparency of the buttons which looks really good with the colors. So you will tell me that it is all well and good, but how much, when and where?

So I will naturally answer all of this for you.

The three new colors will be available on January 14 to order on the site, the official sale date of these controllers will be February 11.

And yes it is not very long and who knows, gift for your valentine.

For the hulls it's a little different. The colors black and red will be available from January 2022 in these countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea and the Philippines, at all participating resellers.

For the other colors, it will be current in the first quarter without further details. What remains close all the same. The wait will therefore not be very long. On the other hand, no price was given. For the controllers, we think that the prices will not change in principle. Regarding the hulls or "facades" as noted by the manufacturer, no press release price.
Good news and above all a lot of possibilities for the future.

A good game to all.

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Thursday, 17 March 2022 23:18

State of Play - Hogwarts Legacy Special

Let's go for the live and there are things to say. At first glance the graphics will live up to expectations. The movements of the characters seem very natural.

As for the player, he embodies a new student, but who is old enough to be in 5th grade. There's an old magic resurfacing. You have to find out why through quests and with the help of allies, many mysteries will have to be solved. Modelling is possible for your avatar and you will necessarily have to be affiliated with one of the Hogwarts houses.

We will be active in participating in the various courses. The voices (VO) are superb, the graphics to the point. Namely that the presentation is made with in-game footage and sequences of the scenario.

hogwarts 03

So we learn botany, potions etc. This seems to matter if only for the fights. Certainly we will have the opportunity to advance further thanks to the courses and I hope that side quests will also be present to encourage us to improve in all aspects. There are secret passages, dungeons and so many things to do and there you only see what happens at Hogwarts.

We have been warned, we will not be confined to the school and the surroundings will not be just a few squares of lawn. We will be entitled to open world and in this case it will also take a large enough world to make it worthwhile. It promises !

hogwarts 01

We see a very evil goblin and his minions. He is in contact with a somewhat eccentric wizard who seems to be after us. He’s getting nervous because the goblin is not capable to fulfil his mission sooner. The plot is also done through this being who wants harm in the wizarding world.

hogwarts 08

The fights feel a bit choreographed/static but the execution seems to work. You still have to be in the right rhythm during the fights. That's what stands out for me. It will therefore be necessary to pay attention to it in the future. Botany and potions will be useful and therefore usable to facilitate combat, such as the use of the mandrake. Many spells will also be available and we can have a fighting style that suits us.

The time for Talents and Skills comes, so we can improve and be entitled to upgrades to be better and cast better spells. Grind is to be expected too. You can create your own potions, herbology may be important depending on how you play. Useful even in combat as we said. It will therefore surely be necessary to plan hours of collection to be able to create and move forward. The more we advance, the more we will be entitled to upgrades and therefore refine our game system. Knowing the bestiary will also have advantages.

hogwarts 05

Broom flying is also possible. Presented only for a short time, it is however clearly noted that it will be important to know how to fly with your broom! Friendships can be created and allies can accompany you on your journeys. Each with its characteristics. Naturally each coming from different houses.

hogwarts 06

Room of requirement will also be available. You can use the room to expand your inventory with potion labs and other activities. I think that's a really well thought out plus. Indeed, this can act as a base and an anchor point for the player. In view of the style of the game it is just perfect to use the Room of Requirement in this way because it is in addition to everything logical even in the history of the game.

hogwarts 07

The Hogsmeade village next door is also accessible and purchases will be possible. A lot of activity will take place around Hogwarts, so we can imagine that the nature around will be explorable. In the well-known village you can buy many things, if only to have a nice wardrobe. It's always nice, we know that style is important, even for gamers.

The bestiary looks quite large and some mysterious black magic can corrupt some of it. There are all the animals we know and even the bestiary recalls certain moments from films.

Many things are to be discovered, spells, beasts, nature, mysteries, dangers. The game will be released for the holidays this very year! And here I say great! The game actually seems close to being ready and although I can't wait for summer to enjoy the beach, I must say that I'm already starting to want to be around Christmas for this game!

Behind the scenes

The team behind the game presents its impressions and the message is clear. The work is done by fans for fans.

They want to transcribe the love for the franchise whether it's for those who have read the books or watched the movies and still both. It is clear that it will be Open world. So the surroundings of Hogwarts will be quite large.

We will have many stories told, we start as a 5th year student but who was not at Hogwarts before. So we are special. The different means of getting around will also be varied.

hogwarts 04

Mysterious magic is tied to our character and it will make us all the more special. Everything is set up to allow us to recognize places etc. that are important to the franchise.

Even the places only mentioned in the books will be in this Hogwarts, they have done everything to connect the places known from the movies with the lesser known places from the books.

By the way the music is really cool. I wanted to say it.

For my impressions.

So, I must say that the video was really good! I'm not very sensitive to great graphics that slam, I'm happy with little. However, I must say that it is at the level of the vast majority of expectations. The game is beautiful, the graphic style chosen fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the game's history but also of the vast franchise that is that of Harry Potter.

Hogwarts Legacy should be a game for everyone. Even those who do not know (LOL) or who do not necessarily appreciate this universe more than that (come on LOL) should find their account there. The game allows you to fight, grind, solve mysteries, cross dungeons and live an original story. Everything is there for it to be a total success!

In the meantime, good game to all!

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Wednesday, 30 March 2022 00:01

New Playstation Plus Offer

Warning it’s going to be great!

Playstation has announced and given news about its new offer (or offers)! A small Tweet on the social network around 2 p.m. on March 29 announces the new offer and a link to the Playstation Blog for more information. We looked at that and we dissected the information.

First word, flexibility. New offers but not necessarily change! Indeed, those who already have Playstation Plus and for whom everything is already perfect, nothing changes. Neither the price nor the offer per se. Everything remains the same. So, there is only addition! Playstation Now will therefore disappear as soon as the new Playstation Plus is started. Those who already have Playstation Now will then switch to the equivalent offer of the new Playstation Plus. So, by losers, only winners!

For the first offer, as I said, nothing changes for those who already have Playstation Plus. We stay at the price of 59.99 € per year with free games and the possibility of playing online, called Playstation Plus Essential.


For the second offer, Playstation Plus Extra, it includes everything that is accessible via Essential plus a catalogue of 400 games (approximately) released on Playstation 4 and 5. These games can be downloaded to play offline. Which is a very important point to know! The prices change (a little too much for my taste, I admit)! We therefore go to 99.99 € per year. It is clear that the offer is still not bad, taking note that games like Spiderman, Spiderman Miles Morales, Death Stranding, God of War, Mortal Kombat or even Returnal will be part of the catalogue. However, I find the price a bit high.


This is my humble consumer opinion; I understand that this change must also have been very costly for Playstation and the time invested must have been considerable and will still be considerable.

For the third and last Premium offer, it is a pretty good offer. The bill will be salty, but it must be said that there too it can be worth its money (I am not ready to spend it sincerely, but I understand that many can do it). We are talking here about everything that the other two offers already include of course. In addition to this, there are still around 340 games added to the PS 4 and 5 catalogue. Then there are PS3 games in streaming yes yes, but not only! There will also be great PS 1, PS2 and PSP classics available! Even download to play offline too!


In streaming we will have access to many other games from these generations of consoles as well. The price will be €119.99 per year. As much as I find the price difference between Essential and Extra far too high, the difference between Extra and Premium is not very big. While the difference in service is however (in my opinion) much more significant between Extra and Premium than between Essential and Extra.

This service will be available on PS 4 and 5 and on PC except in Japan initially, that will come later. The switch to the new offer is coming in June and will be progressive! Given the big changes, this will be done little by little and part by part. It will therefore be necessary to wait and at the same time it gives time to weigh the pros and cons.

This offer, without wanting to compare with other consoles, still meets a fairly recurring need in recent years. Give players access to games they no longer have, games they have missed or are missing. It also responds to the casual player by default who does not have time to invest a lot in games and for whom this kind of offer could allow him to find forgotten games or simply, games. There will also be a special version of Playstation Plus for customers without streaming and cloud access.

It will be one in between. It will therefore be cheaper than the Premium and will offer, apart from streaming and cloud access, the same thing. This offer is Playstation Plus Deluxe.

It is clearly noted that Playstation is trying to work closely with their studios and third-party studios to expand their catalogue for the Extra and Premium versions and thus create an increasingly attractive offer.

Once the new service is available in your region and you already are under subscription with the Playstation Now service, you will automatically have a Playstation Plus Extra. Naturally without additional cost for the service scale.

The change will first take place in Asia, then North America, Europe and then the rest of the world. The streaming and cloud advantage will also be extended to more regions than before to allow more people to take advantage of the new offers.

We are therefore heading towards a major change that can only bring more to everyone. As much for the players as for the video game giant.

More news will be coming in the weeks to come! In the meantime, good game to all!

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Wednesday, 21 April 2021 21:24

Video games subscription

We will discuss the offers that the different manufacturers can offer, not those available in cloud mode only like Stadia, Shadow or other.

Here I will only discuss what the major console manufacturers offer. We also focus on gaming, games. No other options available with these subscriptions.


We will start with the Xbox offer, the Game Pass. There are a lot of good games available and a catalog that is pretty well stocked. With the start of the Beta for PCs and iOS mobile devices, this offering will grow even further.

The offer made by the Game Passe still offers a fairly huge catalog of games and especially very well classified games. There are even games that are or will be available the day they are released for sale. One more argument. With the future possibility of being able to play in cloud mode, on Smartphone and on PC / Laptop, this will only go further in the available options.

The main competitor being Sony we will move on to their offer. PS Now is very ambitious. The catalog is extensive but there are not only good games, it must be said. However there are games ranging from PS2 to PS4. More and more blockbusters are joining the catalog and this is only to the delight of fans. In addition there is already the possibility of playing via a computer. Via a simple application, with a PS4 controller, a subscription and you can enjoy it quietly.

Let's not forget that Playstation still has the PS Plus. This subscription is nevertheless also very interesting. First of all it is necessary if you want to play online, it is necessarily the less cool side. However, you get free games. And not just any game, for example I have benefited from games like Fall Guys which I find super nice or The Last of Us Remaster for free. Every month you get free games as you read by these examples, good games are available! In addition, you have exclusive discounts that defy all price competition.

The two offers can be compared without worry and here too it goes shoulder to shoulder. Why does the Game Pass have a better rating? And certainly due to the fact that the games from the Xbox studio are available from day one via Game Pass. This is a huge advantage. On the quality of the entire catalog, the Game Pass is ahead, Sony has played on the quantity but is clearly starting to expand its catalog in terms of quality.

And then we have Nintendo. They always take everyone in the back by always doing something very different from what everyone else is doing.

No Pass or anything else that is clearly close to the competition. On the other hand, I admit to having fallen completely under the spell of their offer.

An offer defying any price level. And then it will be pretty much all. There are cool games in Battle Royal mode like Tetris 99, exclusive offers but above all we pull on the sensitive chord of nostalgia.

A catalog well supplied with NES and SNES games. The hammer blow is the possibility of having old-fashioned controllers for the Nintendo Switch to play these old games. And we want more!

When will the N64 games, the controllers that go with them and who knows, maybe the games of the different Game Boy with controllers representing the bottom of these portable consoles?

It would be super pleasing anyway. On the other hand, it does not seem at all that it is planned to compete with Xbox and PS for a cloud system. On the other hand, they have created their own amusement park ...

However, the future seems promised with beautiful things concerning the three firms and it is certain that everyone will find themselves there without too much concern.

The future will tell us what we will be entitled to shortly.

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