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Monday, 19 September 2022 20:33

State of Play 13/09/2022

We get to the heart of the matter with a Tekken game. A beautiful cinematic. The sets are superb, the movements almost perfect and the same perspective in combat that we know from the franchise. Tekken 8 will be released…one day. No date or more info than that.


We are then presented with a Star Wars game for the 2nd VR of the name. We can't tell whether or not it's very immersive or easy to handle. On the other hand, the graphics are beautiful, the game has this humor that we know from the franchise and the action also that goes with it. The game will be released in 2023

Another game for VR 2 is presented. A turn-based strategy game. A game on a map, DnD style. The game is called Demeo. A tabletop RPG that can have its effect.


A game of Samurai with guns is presented next. Bloody, energetic and full of action. Like a Dragon: Ishin! offers a brief but striking presentation! The game should arrive for February 2023

We are presented with a few more details regarding Hogwarts Legacy. The video presents the darker side of the universe of magic. This is an exclusive quest for PS players. The game will be released on February 10, 2023.

We have the right to a visual in the first person. A man drives a visibly tampered car. There are monsters. The car drives almost everywhere in order to avoid all the enemies. The game is called Pacific Drive. The game is coming in 2023 and is intriguing to say the least.

More info on Playstation Stars: player activities earn points that can earn gifts to collect. In September Stars will arrive in Asia, before following in Europe and certain countries of America in the following weeks.

Synduality is then shown to us: We guide a robot that can extract minerals, equipped with weapons to defend itself against the animals / monsters of the planet (s). A short monologue that simply explains what is happening in the image. The game is planned for next year.

We're being presented with PS5 exclusives now.

stellar blade

It starts for an apocalyptic world where humans would have failed to survive. This is explained to us by an old man who seems at least partially robotic. Three protagonists are on a mission to save what remains of humans. They face monsters, robotic monsters, all in ancient ruined cities. The game is called Stellar Blade, planned for 2023

Rise of the Ronin is featured. The game won't arrive until 2024 and looks very promising. A game set in 19th century Japan. Hand-to-hand combat, even with a rifle. From the video we can understand that there is an internal threat, politics doing its corrupting work and there is an external threat with what seems to be Europeans or Americans who have come with bad intentions.

A new video about God of War Ragnarok. This time not for the game but for the hardware. A Dualsense in the colors of the game. White, a blue verging on purple and the design of two wolves.

manette ps5 godofwar

Then we have the right to some cutscenes of the game. Dialogues with Kratos at the center of the discussions. His son seems to know things Kratos doesn't. It's about trusting each other while destroying the threats that face them. The game will be released in early November.

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