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Thursday, 10 February 2022 22:15

Nintendo Direct 09.02.2022

We are entitled to a beautiful presentation. We had been waiting for such a moment for a while. It is an understatement to say that we were treated to some surprises and other very nice announcements! We also quickly get to the heart of the matter with a game presented in the first seconds.


Fire Emblem Warriors, Three Hopes

The success of Hyrule Warriors gave ideas and the Fire Emblem franchise has been given the same treatment!

We witness very beautiful graphics. Dynamic and classic battles of the genre. We recognize the franchise in the style of character design in a blink of an eye. It's a good idea to have taken this franchise for this "Warrior-style" facelift. The images presented are salivating.

Hordes of enemies, duels and a refined design! This pretty candy is coming fast: Expected release: 24.06

fire emblem


Advanced Wars

This game is shown for which news had already been presented in the past. We are entitled to a little game play, new commanders will be available. Multi online will also be available. A pack will be available. The 1 + 2 in a pack will be for purchase on 08.04


No Man's Sky

The game is presented for the Switch. We have the right to a little game play and information more or less already known. Planets and animals, space pirates, exploration, everything is presented in brief images.

It must be said that the images promise a certain amusement for those who love exploration, grinding and creating bases. Nintendo players will be able to take advantage of it, but we still have to wait.

The game will be available in summer. Until then, more info should be obtained!


Mario Striker Battle League

Explosive trailer for the game! All the iconic characters are featured. Tackles, Super Strikes, Items. It's all good to win. Equipment changes stats and hyper strike are the most important points.

If we are free we can charge a superb strike which is worth 2 goals. A maximum of 8 players on a Switch will be able to play this game together. An online club mode will be available, which promises fierce games in advance. An online ranking will be available. 20 players max per club possible, club to create yourself to play in competitive mode.

10.06 the game will be available with pre-orders possible today. I admit that this game already makes me languish and I hesitate to pre-order it!

A short video for Splatoon is now available to us. This little trailer where nasty little monsters are presented. The characters fight as always with paint their enemies. “Salmon run” game mode. You have to collect and put in a basket a maximum of eggs of the bad guys to win, basically.

A franchise that no longer has much to prove and that still gives as much pleasure. This mode is a continuation of this philosophy.

mario striker


Front Mission 1st

This classic Tactical RPG deserves a revival. The game features fighters with mechanical robots. As usual for this kind of games, we will be able to improve the equipment and prepare the tactics to use to win. The remake of 1 and 2 are to follow. The 1 arrives this summer.


Disney Speedstorm.

This racing game is Mario Kart like, that's for sure. This with objects to win, crazy circuits and of course iconic characters from Disney and Pixar. The game will be entitled to an Online Multiplayer and will be released in the summer.


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The game will be entitled to a new release and this for the Nintendo Switch therefore. We are entitled to gameplay, locally we can play against friends. This 2000s classic goes on sale April 20, so it's coming fast.


Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection

Fans of the genre and especially of this franchise can be happy. The game will be available on the Switch to dive or dive back into on 17.02 so a little patience it happens very quickly!


Chrono Cross the Radical Dreamers Edition

This classic released at the end of 1999 on Playstation has the right to its facelift and its hopefully triumphant return. The 40 characters of this emblematic game will arrive on 07.04 and pre-orders available today.

Here is a small list of the improvements available with this remaster:

・3D models converted to HD

・Refined character illustrations

・Higher-quality background music

・Switch enemy encounters on or off

・Background filter feature

・Battle enhancement features to make combat easier

・Auto-battle function

・Switch between imitation pixel font and HD font

・Change screen resolution

It really promises new sensations to discover with a great classic. A little extra candy, RADICAL DREAMERS - The Forbidden Treasure is the game that inspired Chrono Cross. This game will be available in audio book and we will all have the right to dive back into a magnificent universe!

chrono cross


Kirby and the forgotten world

It must be said that this game presented again with a new trailer always makes you want. Always so beautiful, funny and colorful. We see the Mouthful mode, Kirby swallows large objects like a car or swallow water to move forward. We see the Waddle Town that we can evolve and expand. Attacks can be seen as spitting fire, ice. Items that give specific attacks.

This game in a 3D world seems really very interesting and makes you want to be played. I must say that Kirby is not the franchise I have played the most. Well this game, I really want it. It's great and more on March 25 the game will be released and pre-orders are already possible!


The Show 2022

The franchise of MLB (American baseball) will be available friends. And yes The Show 22 is coming in early April. With Road to the Show create your players to play an MLB career, the Diamond Dinasty mode in which you get cards to create a virtual team. The online mode which will be available in cross platform in addition to that. So to your bats, at the beginning of April it will heat up.


Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts packs will be available tomorrow (10.02). This huge classic that we all know can be played from 10.02.2022.

There are many who have loved, love and absolutely want to play it again everywhere. Although you need a (stable) internet connection, you can play it on a handheld or in the dock-in Station. Indeed it is a game to be played by the cloud.


Portal: Companion Collection

Another classic celebrates its arrival on Switch with its iconic Portal Gun! Local, online and split screen multiplayer! Unfortunately, we don't have a date but we will be entitled to it this year.


Live A Live

It will be available on Switch. Beautiful pixel art graphics. There are different timelines with very different characters. We have a brief presentation of the characters and it sincerely promises to provide a lot of emotions. But that won't be until summer. Indeed the game will be released on 22.07 and pre-orders are already available!


Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports will make its arrival. A great evolution of Wii Sports! Directly inspired by this predecessor, the joy cons must be used for the different games. Even with feet for football! Badminton, bowling, volleyball and tennis for example are available as well as the chambara!

You can play online against strangers or against friends! We even have the right to a volleyball match to see how it works! The game play is quite simple but looks very fun!

Mr. Koizomi and Mr. Takahashi play together, some unexpected images! on 29.04 the game will be released! Updates are already planned to improve football and the addition of golf!


From February 18 to 20, an online play test will take place for people who have a switch online subscription by registering in advance!


Taiko no Tatsujin Rhythm Festival will be available this year! No more information but I know that many are fans of rhythm games.


Triangle Strategy

This game with graphics very close to Octopath Traveller and shown again. Demo available today! So enjoy, you never know, a new love might be born for this upcoming game.


Metroid Dread

An update for Metroid Dread coming soon. Dread Mode! – Death in one shot. There will also be Rookie Mode for players unfamiliar with the franchise. This will cost no extra.


Earth Bound and Earth Bound Beginnings

These games are coming today in the Switch Online Bundle! The cult game will be part of the long list of games available in the pack including NES and SNES games! We are entitled to a few images, a real boon for nostalgic and all those who have never known the franchise!


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Little news for Mario Kart! Paid DLC will be available with remastered iconic tracks for the franchise's latest racing game! 6 waves are coming, with 8 races for each wave! There will therefore be additions until 2023 to be expected!

There will be two ways to take advantage of these waves: 25 € or free if you have the subscription with the expansion pack of the Switch online!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Little news for Mario Kart! Paid DLC will be available with remastered iconic tracks for the franchise's latest racing game! 6 waves are coming, with 8 races for each wave! There will therefore be additions until 2023 to be expected!

There will be two ways to take advantage of these waves: 25 € or free if you have the subscription with the expansion pack of the switch online!

The first wave arrives next 18.03 with these races:

Golden Dash Cup:

  • Paris Promenade ( Mario Kart Tour)
  • Toad Circuit (Mario Kart 7)
  • Choco Mountain (Mario Kart 64)
  • Coconut Mall (Mario Kart Wii)

Luck Cat Cup:

  • Tokyo Blur (Mario Kart Tour)
  • Shroom Ridge (Mario Kart 7)
  • Sky Garden (Mario Kart Super Circuit)
  • Ninja Hideaway (Mario Kart Tour)


Last announcement:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

So there friends I'm like crazy. I noticed how much I loved this universe and this franchise with this presentation. Because indeed from the first glance I recognized the trademark of this franchise for me emblematic.

Beautiful graphics in this trailer, this world so huge and revisited with this game. This time there are also monsters, magic and it seems that the hom have improved weapons to fight the mechons.

This game looks very promising and mouth-watering! But we haven't had enough for my taste. We don't know at all what it will be, but it seems to be in the future of the stories already known to the franchise!

Game available in September! I cannot wait. I'm going to geek out the existing games thoroughly to prepare for the release of this game.

xenoblade chron. 3


That's all for me and I hope I have inspired you.

Have a good game everyone!

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Tuesday, 10 May 2022 22:26

Happy Birthday Game Cube!

May 2002 gave us an imperishable, iconic gift that will remain forever etched in our memories. For the less old this console must also resonate in them because it is one of the consoles that everyone must know.

Altough, we don't judge, but if you don't know her... it's a bit... anyway. We don't judge! We just don't find it normal. Of course, jokes aside, this console is a real success for me. It has seen the birth of a multitude of great games, a controller engraved in our memories. And for those who don't see what controller I'm talking about, I'll let you know a little later.

I asked the friends of the association to give me some games or other information that marked them to honor this console on this 20th anniversary.

I start with our president Alex:

To put it simply, we are going to talk about Skyes of Arcedia, a great game, really incredible. Phantasy Star Online, a game dried in coop (with me the bro) and other friends. Without forgetting the legendary Super Smash Bros Melee (thanks to the controller) which was just amazing. And then the magnificent Mario Kart Double Dash, which is a real novelty in the game.

game cube 08

He is right the president, great games. It is true that these choices are superb. Double Dash is still one of my all-time favorites to this day.

I continue with Patrick our treasurer:

Our president hit the nail on the head with Skies of Arcadi and Phantasy Star Online. I will add Super Mario Sunshine, the atmosphere of the game that makes you want to travel, sun and holidays. All this mixed with the fun of a Mario close to perfection!

game cube 06

Our treasurer has good taste! Sunshine, this Mario was remarkable for its unique gameplay! A great game and a really nice plot! In addition, the game is available in the Mario 3D collection by Nintendo, something to delight anyone who wants to play it again or play it for the first time!

Jo our Community Manager joins our two friends:

I follow Alex and Patrick with Double Dash and Sunshine! For my part I add Mario Striker! This soccer game with Mario characters is just awesome. Its mechanics give it a plus so that it is not just “football with Mario”

game cube 05

Once again a great choice! Jo adds Striker which is indeed a superb game, perhaps less iconic but of an equally excellent quality!

So for my part, I have a lot of things that come to mind. The games and memories fuse!`

I'm going to talk about a few things, but first let's get back to the controller. And yes, for those who love Super Smash on Nintendo Switch, many choose the “Battle Pad” controller, well it is neither more nor less than the official Game Cube controller.

With Alex, we had the two controllers with the colors, I would say, basic. The console was initially released in purple and black. It must be said, in purple it was something magnificent! I remember another detail about this controller, yes it was the first wireless controller for us!

game cube 02

So no, it was wired, but Nintendo released the same controller in gray which was wireless! There was a receiver that you plugged into the controller input in the console. There was a wheel to choose between position 1 to 4. The joystick then synchronized and presto! wireless controller!

It was superb, efficient and had a fairly long charging time! For me, it is a memory engraved forever!

For the games I will not cite any games already mentioned, although some are among my favorites. I told you that the console was iconic, it's naturally due to its games! So here are some of them:

game cube 07

First there is Metroid Prime, the first Metroid in 3D quite simply. Complicated, beautiful, immersive. Superb gameplay and 3D that works (I personally find). In fact, this is the first Metroid game I've played. It's an understatement to say that I loved the franchise from the start.

Then I will add Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle. Did you really expect me not to put a Final Fantasy in it? Although the game play is not at all my favorite, you can quite easily get used to it by immersing yourself in its story. Plus you can play it in co-op and that was great. Very poetic, complex and moving, from this point of view it is a total success.

Then I will talk about Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. 3D, Sonic, robot speed and total fun! The "Halloween" level with Knuckles still gives me cold sweats today! For the time it was beautiful and so fluid. It was a total pleasure to play it and replay it.

game cube 04

I will end with the games already mentioned: I really miss Mario Kart Double Dash, Phantasy Star Online was a dream game that I will never forget, it had to come out!

Do not hesitate to give us your opinion and your list of Game Cube games!

Have a good game everyone!

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